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JP-S6055297-A: Flow control system of purification system of nuclear reactor patent, JP-S6056388-A: Method of producing heat generator patent, JP-S6056731-A: Product conveying apparatus patent, JP-S6057260-A: Logic analyzer patent, JP-S6058272-A: Method for preventing contact corrosion of different metals patent, JP-S6060045-A: Loading truck patent, JP-S6060976-A: Material for alumina dressing member and manufacture patent, JP-S6061683-A: Drive for control rod patent, JP-S6062157-A: Manufacture of mis type semiconductor device patent, JP-S6062277-A: Video camera device patent, JP-S6062586-A: Refrigerator patent, JP-S6065214-A: Valve timing mechanism patent, JP-S6066046-A: Water heating device patent, JP-S606643-A: Production of o-nitrochlorobenzene patent, JP-S6068888-A: Animation control system patent, JP-S6069633-A: Liquid crystal display body patent, JP-S6069645-A: Stabilization of photopolymerizable mixture patent, JP-S6069978-A: Sound adapter for still picture patent, JP-S6071024-A: Gas permselective composite membrane and preparation thereof patent, JP-S6071059-A: Device for compounding and supplying powder patent, JP-S607113-A: Device for fixing air core coil patent, JP-S6073676-A: Memory access system patent, JP-S6073999-A: Underground pipe laying method patent, JP-S6074450-A: Manufacture of semiconductor device patent, JP-S6074806-A: Constant current bias generating circuit patent, JP-S6075052-A: Return assurance system of payed treating cost of illness or injury of birds and animals patent, JP-S6076558-A: Metal-filled polyimide/polyepoxide blend with improved electroconductivity patent, JP-S6078614-A: Purification of carbon monoxide from gaseous mixture containing carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide by using adsorbing method patent, JP-S6080010-A: Liquid fuel combustion apparatus patent, JP-S6080761-A: Ultrasonic diagnosing device patent, JP-S6081863-A: Manufacture of semiconductor device patent, JP-S6082589-A: Detector for cutting of chain patent, JP-S6083497-A: Speaker diaphragm patent, JP-S6083689-A: Air blow apparatus patent, JP-S6084613-A: Density controller for substitute material for fume patent, JP-S608490-A: Variable volume compressor patent, JP-S6085858-A: Lens transferring and positioning mechanism in automatic lens polishing device patent, JP-S6086017-A: Production of polyhydrogen silsesquioxane patent, JP-S6086339-A: Ventilating device patent, JP-S608720-A: Gain varying system of optical receiver patent, JP-S6087321-A: Improved photosensitive microcapsule and manufacture thereof patent, JP-S6087578-A: Focus control device of video camera patent, JP-S6087617-A: Protective relaying device patent, JP-S6087625-A: Power source voltage switching device patent, JP-S6087768-A: Production of snapping turtle egg for preservation patent, JP-S6088096-A: Water-soluble cutting oil composition patent, JP-S608827-A: Manufacture of liquid crystal cell patent, JP-S6088351-A: Turbidity level detecting apparatus patent, JP-S6088825-A: Governor for engine patent, JP-S6089211-A: Process monitor method patent, JP-S6089881-A: Flexible disc jacket patent, JP-S6090024-A: Oxygen removing apparatus patent, JP-S6090081-A: Sorter of hulling machine patent, JP-S6090132-A: Inert gas sealed can body patent, JP-S6091179-A: Guide wall for cereal grain of cereal grain drier patent, JP-S6091613-A: Manufacture of bonded magnet patent, JP-S6091643-A: Semiconductor manufacturing device patent, JP-S6093516-A: Sequence controller patent, JP-S6093575-A: Binary coding circuit patent, JP-S609409-A: Rice planter with lift control mechanism patent, JP-S6094192-A: Waste water purifying apparatus patent, JP-S6094476-A: Aqueous ink composition patent, JP-S6094968-A: Production of decahydroisoquinoline patent, JP-S6095196-A: Method for fabricating hollow pipe having suction lever, connector of suction lever and connection end and apparatus for utilizing suction lever in sucking oil patent, JP-S6095414-A: Focusing device for lens barrel patent, JP-S6097734-A: Method and device for compensating polarized error patent, JP-S6098381-A: Object detector patent, JP-S6098834-A: Distributing wire signal receiver patent, JP-S6099361-A: Painting apparatus patent, JP-S61100054-A: Modem control system patent, JP-S61100131-A: Plant growing method patent, JP-S61100764-A: Photosensitive drum patent, JP-S6110186-A: Double layer pipe patent, JP-S6110246-A: Manufacture of semiconductor device patent, JP-S61103529-A: Stirring device for material having high viscosity patent, JP-S61104179-A: Method and device for measuring side gap of gear pump patent, JP-S61104252-A: Method for setting origin of ultrasonic flaw detection patent, JP-S61105702-A: Rotary head type magnetic recording and reproducing device patent, JP-S61105817-A: Foil wound transformer patent, JP-S6110689-A: Door support structure patent, JP-S61106996-A: Electric fan patent, JP-S61107530-A: Magnetic recording medium patent, JP-S61108728-A: Feed duct for fiber flock patent, JP-S61110112-A: Zoom lens of high variable power patent, JP-S61111185-A: Malodor-leakage preventive structure patent, JP-S61111374-A: Paint composition patent, JP-S61113905-A: Construction of running road for lawn ground running car patent, JP-S61114518-A: Plasma adhering device patent, JP-S61114983-A: Method of installing elevator patent, JP-S61115172-A: Machine language-translation system patent, JP-S61116139-A: Vibration controller for vehicles patent, JP-S6111706-A: Optical fiber bundle patent, JP-S61117388-A: Window material patent, JP-S61117854-A: Hybrid ic patent, JP-S61120091-A: Method of installation construction of bottom of container for nuclear reactor patent, JP-S61122043-A: Direct current feeding device patent, JP-S61122262-A: Improved manufacture of phenylisopropylurea compound patent, JP-S61123351-A: Interception response connecting system patent, JP-S6112370-A: Transfer type thermal recording apparatus patent, JP-S61124670-A: Production of raised cloth patent, 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