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JP-2003506548-A: 泡沸性重合体組成物 patent, JP-2005311408-A: 平衡伝送装置 patent, JP-2007311751-A: Immersion lithography system and immersion photolithography patterning method for semiconductor integrated circuit patent, JP-2006251517-A: 光走査装置 patent, JP-2001188996-A: Taxi service management system patent, JP-2008188925-A: 防護材料及び防護衣服 patent, JP-2002111025-A: 光電変換素子用基板、その製造方法およびそれを用いた光電変換素子 patent, JP-2007301315-A: エキスパンダー patent, JP-2003535733-A: 低温耐衝撃性ポリアミド系延伸配向多層フィルム patent, JP-2006137941-A: タイヤ用ゴム組成物およびそれを用いたタイヤ patent, JP-2002053975-A: METHOD FOR DEPOSITING CHROMIUM-FREE CORROSION RESISTANT FILM ON Sn-Zn ALLOY PLATING patent, JP-2006057026-A: 熱可塑性接着剤及び該接着剤を利用する金属製固定具 patent, JP-2002210077-A: Disorder detecting apparatus for cylinder rotating type playing machine patent, JP-2008077045-A: Vibration noise reducing device patent, JP-2003533712-A: データストリーム適応サーバ patent, JP-2007285842-A: Device for measuring gas concentration patent, JP-2005183604-A: Method for heat treatment of semiconductor device patent, JP-2006110950-A: 車両用内装品の固着方法 patent, JP-2007199331-A: Navigation system patent, JP-2002187964-A: Polyester film for molding patent, JP-2006163062-A: System and method for providing content of art patent, JP-2007535800-A: ブール成長された炭化ケイ素ドリフト層を使用してパワー半導体デバイスを形成する方法、およびそれによって形成されるパワー半導体デバイス patent, JP-2006096110-A: Handle switch device for vehicle patent, JP-2008142321-A: ゴルフクラブ patent, JP-2008138185-A: ガソリン組成物 patent, JP-2008202039-A: Polymer, solid polymer electrolyte film for solid polymer fuel cell and membrane electrode assembly patent, JP-2008062586-A: ポリ乳酸系ガスバリア性フィルム patent, JP-2003079461-A: 落下防止シート及び棚板等の構造 patent, JP-2007521836-A: 土壌通気 patent, JP-2008069352-A: 先硬化型半導体組立用接着フィルム組成物 patent, CN-101856827-A: 木材或竹材防霉防腐的处理方法 patent, CN-101873263-A: 基于局域网下载的类组播方法及系统 patent, CN-101879272-A: 一种治疗冠心病的中药复方及其制备方法与应用 patent, CN-101914064-A: Method for preparing sulfachlororyridazine sodium patent, CN-101919889-A: 当归拔毒外用膏 patent, CN-101944486-A: Led驱动芯片用40v-bcd工艺、ldmos器件及制备方法 patent, CN-101967699-A: Preparation method of high-performance carbon nanotube fiber patent, CN-102001685-A: Preparation method of sodium fluoride patent, CN-102010693-A: 用于等离子显示屏散热材料的组合物、由其获得的散热板、等离子显示屏及电视机 patent, CN-102011750-A: Vortex pump impeller with high and low flanged blades patent, CN-102013508-A: 用于固体氧化物燃料电池的组合式电池结构 patent, CN-102031689-A: Fried rice noodle steaming cloth cleaning method patent, CN-102145929-A: Method for treating alkaline high-concentration fluorine-containing waste water patent, CN-102327455-A: Traditional Chinese medicine for treating pediatric bronchitis, bronchial pneumonia and asthma patent, CN-102366415-A: Mice lavage praziquantel suspension and preparation method thereof patent, CN-102402510-A: Method and system for constructing service pattern library patent, CN-102422897-A: Bean shashlik-processing mold patent, CN-102438805-A: 包含多个微层的多层热收缩薄膜及其制造方法 patent, CN-102443174-A: Method for preparing methyl phenyl trifluoro propyl silicone resin patent, CN-102458418-A: Methods for treating chronic kidney disease patent, CN-102459422-A: Silicone composition suitable for cross-linking by dehydrocondensation in the presence of a metal catalyst patent, CN-102470162-A: Medicinal agent and method for treatment of intractable chronic hepatitis c patent, CN-102476656-A: 车身后部构造 patent, CN-102478889-A: Improved electronic device with heat dissipation function patent, CN-102492143-A: Preparation method for high-temperature-resistant silicon resin patent, CN-102558523-A: 聚合物、其制备方法及包含该聚合物的抗蚀剂组合物 patent, CN-102573273-A: Pth通孔结构 patent, CN-102577143-A: Signal transmission device, electronic device, and signal transmission method patent, CN-102717512-A: Preparation forming technology of PET hairline crack film patent, CN-102731693-A: 一种以碳纳米管为载体的聚烯烃催化剂及其制备方法 patent, CN-102755386-A: 一种抗病毒的药物组合物,含其制剂及其应用 patent, CN-102760670-A: Hand-free ternary inspection machine patent, CN-102791265-A: Use of dronedarone or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, for the preparation of a medicament for administration shortly after amiodarone discontinuation patent, CN-102863573-A: 一种高固含量窄分子量分布的聚丙烯酸钠水溶液制备方法 patent, CN-102875099-A: Composition of rigid waterproof casing rapid plugging material, and ratio thereof patent, CN-102930480-A: System and method for comprehensive energy efficiency evaluation of hydraulic power plant patent, CN-102946905-A: Cgrp抗体 patent, CN-102962080-A: Composite photocatalyst, its preparation and application patent, CN-102989006-A: Preparation method of silicon-nanowire-based medicinal carrier patent, CN-102993270-A: 甘氨酰-l-酪氨酸的制备工艺 patent, CN-102995401-A: Method for preprocessing mulberry silk by chitosan modified liquid patent, CN-103012517-A: Iso-aurone glucoside compound, preparation method and application thereof patent, CN-103030791-A: 一种溶剂回流法制备聚乳酸/金刚石纳米复合材料的方法 patent, CN-103041253-A: 一种治疗慢性咽炎的中药组合物 patent, CN-103058190-A: 一种氟利昂无害化的处理方法 patent, CN-103060912-A: Constant-temperature energy-saving water cooling system forsapphire crystals patent, CN-103111643-A: Intelligent diamond cutter capable of sensing cutting state without any wire patent, CN-103131424-A: Saline alkali soil conditioner patent, CN-103164340-A: 对象的存储方法及装置、终端 patent, CN-103184052-A: Unsaturated loess modification treatment method patent, CN-103288380-A: 砂岩文化砖制作工艺 patent, CN-103332907-A: 一种小青瓦制作方法 patent, CN-103333395-A: 一种高填充聚烯烃复合薄膜母粒及其制备方法 patent, CN-103352696-A: Method for measuring stratum oriented resistivity patent, CN-103386333-A: Micro-fluidic liquid drop production chip patent, CN-103432009-A: Whitening agent liposome coating micro-capsule composition as well as preparation method and application thereof patent, CN-103505652-A: Traditional Chinese medicine composition used for treating children cough with lung heat patent, CN-103602310-A: Ferrite composite wave-absorbing material used for wireless radio frequency identification patent, CN-103627138-A: Bakelite powder based on gangue modified phenolic resin and preparation method thereof patent, CN-103695088-A: Lubricating agent for cold forging of magnesium and magnesium alloy materials patent, CN-103716658-A: Video on demand service device and method patent, CN-103737786-A: Novel injection machine patent, CN-103756685-A: 一种颗粒状的盐碱土壤调理剂及其生产方法 patent, CN-103779474-A: 具良好电性接触反射镜的发光二极管 patent, CN-103854189-A: 一种钱币邮票收藏品公开线上实物交易的方法及系统 patent, CN-103859265-A: 一种钙锌营养保健饺子的制作方法 patent, CN-103870300-A: 不要求进程重启地动态更新代码的方法和系统 patent, CN-103878909-A: 一种通用快速定模装置 patent, CN-103920259-A: 巨型灾难逃生舱 patent, CN-103932014-A: 一种黄秋葵茶香保健米及其制备方法 patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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