Product conveying apparatus


PURPOSE:To convey products in an arranged state with a simple apparatus by taking out a lot of trays in an apparatus body in order from a conveyer to load and unload products, positioning the tray with good accuracy to a product loading and unloading portion and feeding same. CONSTITUTION:Working apparatus 10 including a mount protion 4 and a tray operating machine 5 disposed on an apparatus body 3 are provided at work portions 50A, 50B, and the apparatus 10 and 10 are connected by a transport 1 storing trays 2. The transport 1 storing stacked trays for loading and unloading products is carried to correspond to the apparatus 10 of the specified work position 50, and the transport 1 is pushed in the mount portion 4 and mounted there. According to a control command, the trays 2 are taken out in order onto the upper surface of an elevator 8 by a crossfeed machine 2 and an elevator 7, and products are loaded and unloaded by a work robot 40.




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