Manufacture of mis type semiconductor device


PURPOSE:To increase the degree of integration, to prevent the positional deviation of a pattern and to obtain the MIS type semiconductor device on which no shortcircuit is generated between a gate and a source-drain by a method wherein a gate electrode, a diffusion layer and a contact hole are formed in a self- matching manner. CONSTITUTION:A gate insulating film 2, a conductive polycrystalline Si film 3 and a PSG film 6 are coated by lamination on a P type Si substrate 1, the mask of a resist film 9 of prescribed form is provided, the film 6 on the exposed part is removed by etching, the film 3 is then removed by etching, and a gate electrode 4 consisting of the film 3 is generated under the film 6. Then, As ions are implanted using the film 6 as a mask, an N type source and drain region 5 is formed on the surface part of the substrate 1 located on both sides of the electrode 4, said region 5 is extended and diffused by performing a heat treatment, and a drive-in oxide film 10 which is linked with the film 6 is generated on the region 5. Through these procedures, the electrode 4 is enveloped by the films 6 and 10, an anisotropic etching is performed, the film 10 is removed at the part aparted from the electrode 4, and an Al electrode 8 is coated on the surface 7 of the exposed region 5.




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