Video camera device


PURPOSE: To operate an operation button for a video recording mode by a user intuitively, and prevent misoperation and improve operability by providing an opening/closing cover which covers an operation button for a reproduction mode, and covering an operation button group which is not necessary in the video recording mode with the cover. CONSTITUTION: The video camera device is provided with an operation button group A for video recording, operation button group B for reproduction, and operation button 14 for mode switching. When this operation button 14 for switching is placed at the video recording side, the button group B is covered with the cover 20 provided to the camera body 1 in a freely opening/closing state to prevent the button group from being exposed. When the operation button 14 for switching is switched to the reproduction mode side, the cover 20 is opened to below the main body 1 associatively with the switching to expose the operation buttons 9∼13 in the button group B. Then, the user is allowed to operate the operation buttons 6∼8 in the operation button group A intuitively in the video recording mode to prevent the misoperation and improve the operability. COPYRIGHT: (C)1985,JPO&Japio




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