Liquid crystal display body


PURPOSE:To maintain the specified thickness of a liquid crystal layer without plunging of spherical spacers into flexible electrode base plates and to obtain an excellent display body by sandwiching the spacers between said base plates. CONSTITUTION:Spherical spacers 3 (may be slightly elliptical) are formed of glass, plastic material, etc. and are scattered between flexible electrode base plates 1, 2 which are formed respectively with transparent conductive films 1a, 2a and are formed with oriented films 1b, 2b to cover the films 1a, 2a thereon. The base plates 1, 2 are then joined via a sealant 5. A liquid crystal 4 is injected into the cell after joining and the cell is sealed by a sealing material 6. Since the spacers 3 are spherical, the spacers do not break and do not plunge into the plates 1, 2. The change in the thickness of the liquid crystal layer is thus obviated and the excellent display is maintained.




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