Sound adapter for still picture


PURPOSE: To improve the operability by operating a repetitive command switch to listen to sound repetitively and reading next information when the switch is not operated. CONSTITUTION: When a repetitive command switch 28 is not depressed within a prescribed time after the read of sound information is finished and no sound repetitive command signal is generated, a command signal (b) is outputted from a counter 24, an output of a flip-flop 22 goes to zero and also, the still picture reproducing operation is released automatically by a play control circuit 18 and the next information is read. When the sound repetitive command signal is generated within a prescribed time, a command signal (a) is outputted from an AND gate 26, a Q output of a flip-flop 8 goes to 1, a read flag is set, an address counter 11 is set initially and the read of sound data is repeated from a buffer memory 3. COPYRIGHT: (C)1985,JPO&Japio




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