Manufacture of semiconductor device


PURPOSE:To form an emitter and a base in a self-aligning manner and to accelerate the operation of a semiconductor device by forming both regions of inner base and an emitter from an emitter window in the simple steps without using side etching and lifting-off steps. CONSTITUTION:An SiO2 film 26 is formed on a silicon substrate 21, and an Si3N4 film 27 is thermally formed. The film 26 is partly etched and removed, a polycrystalline silicon film 29 is adhered, boron ions are implanted, and a polycrystalline silicon film 29 (a base electrode) is formed only in the vicinity of a base forming region 24 by etching and removing. Boron is diffused to form an external base region 32, an SiO2 film 33 is formed by heat treating, the film 27 of an emitter window 31 is removed, a polycrystalline silicon film 34 is adhered, boron and arsenic ions are implanted, and heat treated to form a p type inner base region 35, an n type emitter region 36, and a collector contacting region 37.




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