Density controller for substitute material for fume


PURPOSE:To stabilize smoke density while automating fuming operation completely by using a paraffin mist generator which generates an oil mist. CONSTITUTION:This device is composed of the paraffin mist generator 1 and a scatter densitometer 2 in an inspection vessel 9, and an output regulator 3 and a heater controller 4. This paraffin mist generator 1 generates an oil mist of particulates by putting fluid paraffin 5 in a heat-resisting container 6, heating and vaporizing the paraffin which is isolated partially by a metallic pipe 7 by a heater 8, and quenching it. The density of the oil mist detected by said densitometer 2, whose detection output is inputted to the output regulator 3, which controls said heater controller 4 so that the signal level from the densitometer 2 is constant.




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