Lens transferring and positioning mechanism in automatic lens polishing device


PURPOSE:To make a lens rotatable and swigable and as well to aim at surely securing the lens upon transferring, by fitting a cylinder tube onto a holder shaft incorporated with a piston, and as well by moving the shaft up down with the use of compressed air so that the shaft is released from and made in close-contact with a polishing holder. CONSTITUTION:In order to polish a lens L, when compressed air is introduced into a cylinder tube 4, a piston 2 slides upward so that a shaft 1 is pushed up in the tube 4. Accordingly, the tube 4 is released from a polishing holder head 15, and is locked to a piston lock nut 11 so that compressed air B will not flow into a holder 16, and therefore, the lens L on a polishing saucer 17 may be rotatably and swingably polished. Then in order to transfer the lens, when compressed air A in the tube is released, the piston 2 slides downward since the shaft 1 is pressed down by a compression spring 24. Accordingly, the lower end section of the tube 4 is released from the nut 11, and is connected to the head 15 so that compressed air B is communicated with the holder 16. Accordingly, when a vaccum condition is effected, the lens L is absorbed by the holder 16, and therefore, may be transferred.




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