Manufacture of liquid crystal cell


PURPOSE:To prevent a positioning mark from being splashed with liquid crystal and washing liquid and to maintain high quality and low cost by providing a barrier by use of an adhesive so that an opening part is formed near the positioning mark. CONSTITUTION:Upper and lower glass substrates 11 and 12 are formed so that display electrode patterns face each other, and the positioning mark 15 is formed at the residual part where a liquid crystal cell is formed. Then, a seal member 13 is provided to one glass substrate 11 and the barrier for protecting the positioning mark 15 against the liquid crystal and the washing liquid is formed of the seal member 13. The upper and lower substrates 11 and 12 are cured by heating and baking. This barrier 18 has an opening hole part 19 in the surface facing an injection hole 16 to form a long path. Consequently, the positioning mark is protected against the liquid crystal in liquid crystal injection, and the washing liquid is prevented form entering when the surfaces of the upper and lower glass substrates 11 and 12 are washed thereafter to protect the mark 15. Thus, the positioning mark 15 is used as a substrate for cutting into individual liquid crystal cells to obtain a high-quality, low-cost liquid crystal cell.




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