Process monitor method


PURPOSE:To improve the monitor performance and to reduce the steady calculator load by detecting assuredly the generation of a large amount of process fault information and delivering only the genuine factors of faults. CONSTITUTION:A factor analyzer 13 decides a subject case based on the case No. of an analysis register 14 and retrieves the corresponding process information out of a register 9 according to the contents of the corresponding case. Then the element specifications in the register 14 are produced. When the element specifications of the corresponding case in the register 14 have an AND of 1, the analyzer 13 extracts the alarm specification register No. and decides the output processing for the fault factors received from a factor extracting device 11. Then the analyzer 13 gives a command to an alarm output processor 15 for alarm output. The processor 15 retrieves the case No. of an alarm specification register 16 out of the contents of a buffer register 17 and delivers the alarm output to a designated announcement typewriter 18 and a CRT device 19 in accordance with an alarm output device No. and the output specifications written to the case of the register 16.




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