Manufacture of bonded magnet


PURPOSE:To enable to remarkably improve the magnetic force of the titled magnet using comperatively simple devices by a method wherein an orientational yoke having a magnetic pole is provided at the desired position on the circumference of molding space, and the magnetic particles are oriented by applying pulse current a plurality of times between conductive wires using the molding mold whereon a conducting wire is arranged in the yoke. CONSTITUTION:A mold is constituted by installing a yoke part 5 consisting of a magnetic substance and a conducting wire 4 on the circumference of the cylindrical molding space 2, whereon a core 1 made of a non-magnetic substance and the like is provided, through the intermediary of a thin cylinder 3 consisting of a non-magnetic substance. Also, a magnetic pole part 6 when oriented is spool-shaped and it is formed into one body with the yoke part 5. According to this constitution, each magnetic pole part 6 constitutes N and S poles alternately by applying a reversely-directed pulse current alternately to conductive wires 4 and 4'. By using said mold, the magnetic flux generating by the pulse current can be focused effectively in the molding space, thereby enabling to make the circuit remarkably small in size.




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