Semiconductor manufacturing device


PURPOSE:To enable to perform a higher-precision etching with excellent uniformity even just after sheet feeding parallel flat plate type plasma dry-etching device was made to start, and, even though the interval between the upper electrode and the lower electrode is made narrower, by a method wherein the upper electrode is cooled along with the lower electrode in the device. CONSTITUTION:An upper electrode is formed in such a way as to be able to flow cooling water 1 in its interior, and the upper electrode is connected to a temperature controller 2 to be used for cooling the lower electrode. By this cooling water 1, the upper electeode is cooled in the same way as the lower electrode is cooled and the temperature thereof can be constantly maintained since the device was made to start. Moreover, by cooling of the upper electrode, an etching can be performed in higher precision, making narrower the interval between the upper electrode and the lower electrode.




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