Waste water purifying apparatus


PURPOSE: To perform treatment of waste water efficiently with a compact apparatus and to facilitate cleaning of the purifying device by forming a communicating hole to one corner of thin partition walls suspended in a purifying tank and hooking the bottom end of the partition walls to bottom hooking members provided to the bottom of the purifying tank. CONSTITUTION: Waste water introduced from an inlet 11 to a purifying tank 1 flows through a purifying chamber 8 illustrated in the right ward side of the figure toward a corresponding communicating hole 10, then flows through an adjacent purifying chamber 8 in the reverse direction. During the while, the waste water is purified by the air blown into from areation pipes 13, 13 and is discharged out of an outlet 12. Since each purifying chamber 8, 8 is communicated with alternately arranged communicating hole 10, 10 in this apparatus, the waste water flows through each purifying chamber 8, 8 turning back at each end of the chamber to construct a long passage, thus, efficient purification is performed. Further, the partition walls 4 are suspended and is only hooked at its bottom end by the bottom hooking members 2, 2, it is readily pulled up facilitating cleaning. COPYRIGHT: (C)1985,JPO&Japio




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