Method and device for measuring side gap of gear pump


PURPOSE: To facilitate the measurement of the side gap of a gear pump, by causing a gas of constant pressure at the discharge side of the pump to flow in as the pump is turned at a prescribed rotational frequency, and by measuring the side gap of the pump in terms of the pressure of the gas. CONSTITUTION: A pressurized gas of constant pressure is supplied to the discharge port 8 of the gear pump 1 through a feed pipe 13 as the pump is turned at a prescribed rotational frequency by a driver 10. The pressure in the feed pipe 13 is detected by a pressure sensor 17, the output of which is applied to a calculator 18 to compute the side gap S of the gear pump 1. The side gap S of the pump 1 can thus be very easily measured in a short time. COPYRIGHT: (C)1986,JPO&Japio




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